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 Types of Lights

There are many different lighting fixtures and bulbs available. There are five main light bulbs that are used in residential properties in Australia:

  •  Light emitting diode (LED): LED lights are a popular choice for lighting due to their energy efficiency and long life span.  LEDs are fast replacing halogen lights.
  •  Incandescent: Unlike LED, standard incandescent bulbs are not efficient and have a poor life span. Because of this, these bulbs are being phased out.
  •  Fluorescent tube: Fluorescent tube lighting is a moderately efficient way to light large areas, such as garages.
  •  Compact fluorescent lamps: These light bulbs are quite efficient, and give off less heat than incandescent and halogen globes.
  •  Halogen globes: Halogen globes create a bright, white light, making them perfect task lights.  However these are fast being phased out due to their poor efficiency and  hot operating temperatures.


    We can save you a lot of cost in upgrading existing halogen downlights with quality and highly cost-effective LED Lighting. We offer special prices for fresh installation of LED downlights and brighten your home/office gain with an extra layer of brightness.

     Save Costs!

    Replacing LED Lighting with old Halogen lighting can save you a lot of money! We can supply with LED downlights from best brands for lower prices than standard market prices!

     LED means ‘Efficient Lighting’

    We can help in savings by changing old fashioned fluorescent tubes with LED tubes and your savings start straightaway with these long-lasting lights. We will replace all cost hungry lights with high quality energy-saving LED / CFLs that will even increase the ecological balance of your premises.